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The Sourou Valley: yesterday and tomorrow (24:50 min)

www.iucn.org/paco [Version française: http://youtu.be/FtSZDMRWpfQ] This film traces the study on the economic and ecological potential of the Sourou valley, one of the most important wetland of Burkina Faso, conducted by IUCN in 2010. Sourou Valley is located northwest of Burkina Faso. This region occupies about 12% of the country and has about 1.5 million people or nearly 12% of the total population. The population is mostly dependent on natural resources, but there is a continuing degradation of ecosystems in the valley, probably due to poor operating practices, weak agricultural services, and the imbalance of political exploitation of natural resources the valley. The consequence is a continued loss of population. Solutions probably do not exist outside of an understanding of the relationship between the conservation of natural resources and the fight against poverty.
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